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PetClub Terms and Conditions/Pet Land Loyalty Campaign

1 - To be part of the Pet Land loyalty campaign you will have to sign up on the Pet Land website (become a website member), this can be done with your Facebook account, Gmail or with direct email registration on the website. You must also fill in your pet's health questionnaire on the Loyalty Campaign page;

2 - To become Pet Land website member means the processing of the data provided and sending of commercial information to your e-mail, by Pet Land Team;

3 - After become a website member and when placing your order, you will start receiving offers and earn points (PetPoints) and will also have premium support with a dedicated employee to help take care of your pet's health as well as receiving a gift on their birthday;

4 - The offers that are part of the Pet Land loyalty campaign are offers of snacks, discount codes or other products available for offer chosen by Pet Land Team;

5 - Offers are valid for customers who buy 1 unit of dry food weighing 5 kg or more with the following conditions;

6 - The offers are chosen by Pet Land Team and can be sent separately or together with your order;

7 - Offers are awarded from the first order and, on the following, as long as the interval between orders is, at most, 6 weeks;

8 - All dry food brands include offers;

9 - Pet Land does not send offers if the customer does fails to comply with the maximum intervals between orders or does not register as a member on the website;

10- If there are any unavailability to send offers due to lack of stock products for offer or lack of inventory for promotional discounts, Pet Land does not assign the offer and does not compensate the customer in following orders;

11 - In each order you place you'll accumulate 1 PetPoint for every €1.00 spent (excluding VAT, for example, total order value of €123.00 accumulates 100 PetPoints);

12 - The value of shipping costs does not convert into PetPoints;

13 - Every 100 PetPoints can be converted into €1.00 to be use on your next purchases (this can be possible only with the introduction of the code generated in the shopping cart - excludes the possibility of converting into cash to transfer the value to the customer);


14 - To convert PetPoints into Euros, visit your ''PetClub'' in the bottom left corner of the website, click on ''Ways to redeem'', choose the number of points you want to convert and click on ''Redeem'' to get the discount. This discount is provided in a promotional code that must be added to the cart before finalizing the purchase;

15 - Orders are only considered effectively eligible for the offer and for the accumulation of PetPoints after payment;


16 - The interval between orders for attributing offers is considered on the day of registration and must be paid within 48 hours;

17 - The PetPoints accumulated with each purchase are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase;

18 - It is only possible to accumulate PetPoints on purchases made in your member account, for that you must log in before making the purchase;

19 - In the event of total or partial cancellation/refund of the order, the PetPoints will be duly adjusted (subtracted) in your member account, with reference to the returned value;

20 - PetPoints are personal and non-transferable and cannot be transferred between member accounts or merged into a single total when the member has more than one registered account;

21 - PetClub PetPoints started on 17/09/2020, the amount spent on all purchases made before to this date is not eligible to be converted into PetPoints;

22 - Pet Land reserves the right to delete members from the website, in case of misuse of coupons, misuse of the website, online chat, campaign benefits, or inappropriate behavior towards our employees, products and services, or for any other reason that justifies it, making the PetPoints inaccessible for use.

23 - Pet Land reserves the right to change, add or revoke, partially or totally, these terms and conditions without any advise and with immediate effect.

Note: product offers will be billed, but discounted from the value of the products or a financial discount will be given to the total invoice amount or to each of the products, as we do not ship items without an invoice. Offers cannot be accumulated with the use of promotional codes, however, PetPoints are accumulated even if you use promotional codes in your purchase.

The personalized premium care services and support for your pet's health care (through the health questionnaire) as well as the sending of the gift on the birthday, are only available to customers who place dry food orders with maximum intervals of 6 weeks.

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