Payment methods (payment methods have no additional cost or fee for the customer)


Manual payment - The manual payment method is payment by ATM / Homebanking , through an entity and reference, to do this, simply choose the manual payment option on the checkout page. Payment information is sent to the customer's email after checkout completed.

The delivery time for orders paid using this payment method is 24 to 72 business hours. If you choose to deliver on Saturdays, the order will be delivered on the following Saturday after 24 to 72 business hours.

Payment by credit / debit card - In this payment method you must enter your credit/bedit card details on the checkout page to use this method.

Orders paid by credit / debit card have an estimated delivery time of 5/8 working days, since they are only shipped after payment validation by the bank to Pet Land. If you choose to deliver on Saturdays, the order will be delivered the following Saturday after 5/8 working days .


The delivery period for orders can be extended when there is a stock out of the products ordered, subject to request from the supplier, when there is a huge number of orders not expected or for other reasons and factors that do not depend on us, for example carrier availability and route.


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