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Cancellations, exchanges, returns and refunds


After completing the purchase, it is only possible to cancel the order (s) if payment has not been made;

It is not possible to cancel or change the order(s) after making the same payment,in which case you will have to wait for the product(s) to arrive at the address indicated. 

It is not possible to cancel the order (s) after the payment is processed, in this case you must to wait for the product (s) to arrive at the given address and choose to make the return, as shown below.

Send an email to if you want to return the product (s) indicating the order number and the product (s) to return.

For safety reasons and product quality assurance, exchanges and/or returns of products which may deteriorate rapidly if the storage conditions are not appropriate, in particular the following products: flea and tick products, supplements and vitamins or other health products, dry and wet feeding for animals (dry and wet food,  snacks, bones or any other type of pet food).

Changes, returns and refunds

1. Changes, returns and refunds for orders sent to the customer's address:

- the period for exchanges and returns is 14 days from the date of receipt of the order;

- the shipment of the product (s) and respective return costs are the responsibility of the customer;

- it will be us collecting the product (s) through the carrier at the customer's address, the cost of collection varies depending on the weight and volume of the product - upon request (collections are only made on working days);

- all returned units must be in their normal conditions of sale (packaged, sealed, labeled, without any mark of use, ...);

- after verification and, if in compliance, the amount corresponding to the product (s) returned will be credited to your bank account via NIB or IBAN, or to your credit/debit card if it was the payment method initially selected;

- the initial shipping cost is non-refundable and the cost of the return will deducted from total amount paid of the returned product(s);

- an administrative refund fee will be applied and it varies depending on the payment method used (upon request).

The return of the amount may take 14 working days from the moment the product arrives at the warehouse, this arrival may take up to 14 business days since the pick-up at the customer's home.

Note: Pet Land reserves the right to cancel orders, even after payment and as long as it has not yet been dispatched, in case of wrong prices, computer error, wrong use of discount coupons, or for any other reason that justifies it. This cancellation entitles you to a full refund of the amount already paid, the refund may take up to 14 business days since the order's cancelation. 
In cases of out of stock of all products in the order, the order is canceled in its entirety as long as the deadlines provided for on the website or legally provided for are not met, this cancellation entitles the refund of the total value of the order.
If only some products in the order are out of stock, these same products are shipped later and we shiip the products available immediately, in case we are unable to restock within the legal deadlines, only the out-of-stock products will be canceled and carried out the refund only for those same products.

2. Products damaged during the shipping or wrong product shipped

Customer should check the package with the driver, if the product was damaged during the shipping, the customer must indicate, on the carrier's guide, the anomalies found on the packaging at the time of receiving the order, specifying that it is "verification needed". Pet Land is not responsible for orders that were not verified at the time of delivery and whose damage was not reported to the driver at the time of delivery.

If the order is not delivered under the proper conditions, in addition to specifying this information on the carrier's guide, the customer must communicate the facts to Pet Land on that same day, through customer service via email, attaching photographs proving the damage to the article and packaging (inside and outside the box).

Before opening the order, we recommend that you check that the packaging matches your order by making a complaint if there is something wrong.

In order to exchange the products in case of damage or sending a wrong product, they must be in the same condition in which they were delivered and cannot be used by the customer.

The claims of damage in the transport or communication of exchange of products should be reported at the same day the order was received.


Pet Land - Artigos para animais, reserves the right to change, add or revoke, in part or totally, these conditions of shipment/delivery without previous advise and with immediate effect.

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