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Cat Cuddles


If it's to be done, we do it well! The  complete satisfaction of our customers  is our priority, comprove through the following indicators:

  • 1st attempt delivery success rate 98.77%

  • Damage-free delivery success rate 99.81%

  • 72-hour delivery success rate 90.91%

  • 12-hour question response rate 99.89%

Our mission

Our mission is to offer the peace of mind you need on an online purchase process and to be the place you choose and trust for owners and business partners, with a wide selection of products for the health and well-being of your faithful friend.

About Pet Land

Since our foundation in 2017, with a national and international operation, we have decided to raise the standards of the services provided, creating new concepts of animal welfare. We offer a wide range of personalized service solutions and premium products, while making the online purchase process simple and intuitive.


Pet Land is dedicated to the health and well-being of pets, with the purpose of making their lives easier and better, creating greater bonds between pets and their owners.

We work hard every day to offer the best products and services and we want to become even better! We focus on simplifying the online purchase process and all the inherent logistics process, thousands of satisfied customers have already proven it.

Our team members are passionate about animals and dedicated to finding new ways to impress the thousands of pet owners who visit our online store every day and all the partners who walk alongside us.


In our online pet store you will find a wide range of products from the best national and international brands at incredible prices every day. More than 5000 products available through a simple 3-step purchase process, at your home confort! Gone are the days of carry out heavy bags of food from the store to your home, we'll do it for you!

We have created a personalized and excellent service , helping to take care of your pet's health. With this service, you don't miss any important date, whether it's birthday, vaccination or deworming.

Because animals are part of nature, we care about the environment! We significantly reduce material waste by reusing all types of packaging whenever possible.

Shopping for your pet has never been so easy and eco-friendly!

Dog on Blue


National company with registered trademark




Packages well packed and delivered in good condition


Fast deliveries in Portugal and other European countries with customer communication


Advantages, promotions and offers for all customers

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