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Keep your pet's health up to date with our excellent personalized service. Now, you can be sure that no date will escape you!
How? It's very simple!

  1. Become a website's member (click log in at the upper right corner)

  2. Fill out the health survey below

  3. Receive personalized care from a team member dedicated to your best friend's health

          And also...

  1. Earn points

  2. Receive offers and discounts

Points = €

Earn points to convert into € for future purchases

Premium support

Personalized service from a team member dedicated to your pet's health

Offers and discounts

Receive offers and special discounts on all orders

Birthday gifts

Receive a gift on your best friend's birthday

Loyalty program's terms and conditions available here.

Healthcare survey

Thank you for taking care of your pet's health!

Happy Puppy
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